About Chiang Mai


The baht is the official currency in Thailand and is abbreviated to THB. For up-to-date currency exchange rates see http://www.xe.com/. While credit cards are readily accepted throughout Thailand, the country relies on a cash-based system.

We recommend that you keep smaller banknotes such as 100s, 50s, and 20s readily available as most vendors do not usually have the cash on hand to change larger denominations, such as the 1000-baht note. Banks can break large bills into smaller denominations and convenience stores such as 7-11 and Tesco Lotus Express will give you change with any small purchase.

ATMs in Thailand charge a 200 THB fee for non-Thai bank account withdrawals. (Note: this may be included within the withdrawal amount on your bank statement, not as an additional fee.) Try to withdraw as much cash as you need to reduce the fees collected during your stay. Withdrawal limits vary from bank to bank. A list of the limits for several major banks is below.
• Krungsri bank: Maximum withdrawal limit 30,000 THB
• Bangkok Bank: Maximum withdrawal limit 25,000 THB
• Siam Commercial Bank: Maximum withdrawal limit 20,000 THB
• Thai Military Bank: Maximum withdrawal limit 30,000 THB
• CIMB Bank: Maximum withdrawal limit 30,000 THB
Your bank may impose a withdrawal limit on your card which could be below the Thai bank limit. Please check with your bank for more information. There is no charge when paying for items with a credit card.

Exchanging Currency
You will be able to exchange currency at the airport, at the bank, or at the conference venue, Lotus Pang Suan Kaew. Please note that the hotel charges a convenience rate for currency exchanges, and you may be able to find better exchange rates outside of the hotel.

Credit Cards
Credit cards are widely accepted at most major stores. However, be prepared for some vendors to pass the credit card surcharge (anywhere between 3.5-5%) on to you for the convenience of using the credit card. Small convenience stores or roadside vendors will accept cash only. Likewise, be prepared to pay your taxi, tuk tuk, or songtaew driver in cash. Some credit cards require that you notify them of international travel before they allow you to use your card abroad. Please check with your credit card for more information.